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Real Estate Specialist

Experienced professionals that understand your business. Our specialists will help you keep track of any and all closing opportunities and allow you to expand your real estate business just like you dreamed it.

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Outsourcing Real Estate Specialists

Seasoned professionals that know the real estate industry. Our team will help you expand and focus on the most important aspects of your business even during those extra-busy periods. From inbound and outbound calls to overseeing transactions, we will take care of the items you delegate to us!

What can we do for you?

Here are some of the tasks that our clients trust us to handle on a daily basis.


Our EA’s can handle anything from researching information, to scheduling appointments, preparing for meetings, and even arranging meetings, appointments, and executive or personal travel.


Don’t miss another meeting again. Our professionals will help you manage your calendar and daily activities so that you can make sure everything goes according to schedule.

Basic Marketing

We can take care of storing information and data, preparing materials, prioritizing pending items and keeping your files and your inbox organized so that you can save valuable time of your day!

Oversee all aspects of a seller’s transaction

Have a problem and need it fixed? Our EA’s are qualified at using essential project management tools to help clear everyday roadblocks that may prevent you from doing your work efficiently.

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Other Administrative Solutions

Sales & Lead

Why Outsource with Uassist.ME?

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My VA is efficient, proactive, and part of my team! She keeps our business organized and touches several parts of the organization including Sales, Marketing. Administrative Tasks, and Operations. Her assistance has been so valuable to me and since hiring her I have been able to expand our business into different directions and grow our client base.


Stefany Marcelino
Managing Partner at Orlando City Corporate Housing

Hire your own dedicated bilingual Real Estate Specialist now.