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4 Ways to Be Skillful in Remote Selling

Remote selling through the web or video calls has become more important these days. In fact, most experts agree that it can be better than traditional selling because fewer limitations exist. However, remote selling techniques are not easily applied in many businesses since it is a new marketing concept. Nonetheless, owners need to adopt this to increase their businesses’ chances of survival.

Despite the pandemic, companies can still thrive, but this mostly depends on how they operate the digital sales environment. If you are a business owner, you need to utilize the right methods, inspire your people, and connect to your customers virtually.

Here are 4 ways you can do that:

1. Use More Personal Tools for Communicating

Communication tools such as texts and emails might not have enough of a personal touch to make people feel more connected. Therefore, it’s much more advisable to make phone calls or video calls instead.

This is because when you interact with someone or try to make a deal, you can see the expressions of the person you are communicating with. You can then use these expressions to make a sale.

Mastering remote selling means utilizing video calls. Potential customers can be turned off when they cannot see or hear you. Therefore, quality calls are crucial for you and your customers.

2. Be Optimistic and Empathetic

This remote selling hack is crucial for all sales teams. Positive people are found to be 20% to 40% more successful in their industries. In the current Covid-19 situation, however, it can be hard to be positive. Still, you should not think of a problem out of anywhere and give a solution when interacting with customers. Rather, you should stay positive and offer a solution.

You can have more revenue when you nurture relationships and create trust. Sales will not happen if there is no trust.

3. Focus More on Value

Before a customer contacts you or your competition, they likely have made a decision already. Put simply; they have done their research before they reach out to you. Therefore, it is important to create a good foundation and show that you can give value to your customers before interacting with them.

You can do this by helping them decide and making them realize that your business can provide solutions to their problem. Emotions are indeed more important than rationalization. Since there is less in-person contact with customers, you need to prioritize your business’ authority, legitimacy, and truthfulness.

You can publish quality content that can help your target customers, such as conducting online seminars or posting on social media. Another method is to work more on your offers. Your offers should make your customers think that they are getting more than the price they need to pay for your product or service.

4. Focus More on Helping

The idea of helping means connecting with your customers and asking if you can assist them. This helps create lasting relationships with them. With remote selling, I would recommend to attend your current customers first by evaluating their issues, or offering them a solution if they want. Physical or remote, it’s always more expensive to drive new clients than to grow existing ones.

To succeed in remote selling, you do not need to change your methods. Some of your traditional sales techniques can still work online. What is more important is to prioritize and understand your customers' needs.

These will allow the rest of the team to become more aware of what the others are doing and offer help when needed.


Even though remote selling abilities were not natural for many owners, these skills became more significant during the pandemic. Many experts in different countries accept and view these as something positive.

Remote selling can give better relationships with your customers and build connections with more people around the globe. As a result, you have better knowledge of new sales strategies and increase your sales.