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Great Customer Experience Ideas for Your Business

A business thrives when it establishes a relationship of loyalty, trust, and understanding with its customers. Businesses must acknowledge that their success and life in the industry depends on how well they connect with their customers.


Those who have understood this essential fact have come up with a full-proof customer service tactic. We refer to it as GLUE (short for "Giving Little Unexpected Extras). Consider this a mantra in which you only have to go slightly above your competitors to win extra points with your customers. And, when you consider it, the very tiny extra you have to invest brings far greater returns than you initially expected.

Here are some innovative ways in which you add GLUE to boost your customer experience this year:

  1. The climax of your business efforts is when the customer physically experiences your product after opening their package. But you can enhance the experience by including more content in that package, so the customer interacts in ways with your business long after they have used to the product. Try adding a short magazine print of a relevant blog or a link to subscribe to your newsletters and blogs on the front of your package.
  2. Sharing your origin story is a wonderful way of personalizing with your customer. It also helps portray your sincerity when your origin story communicates your sustainability practices, how your business sources material, and your design principles.
  3. No human being is immune to the joy of gifts. To win your customers over, try adding an economical and small gift with their package. You can either add a value-added gift, something that would be an introduction to other products your customers may want to find useful. Else, you could add an identity-based gift, perhaps a cool branded sticker or others, to introduce your brand identity.
  4. Personal support is the first reassurance customers look for from a brand. They seek complete information regarding your policies of shipment and return. They also seek information on how to reach you should anything go wrong with their order. So, offer your customers the easiest means of contacting you and provide an idea of when they can expect a response from your representatives.
  5. Provide links to videos that are tutorials of the products you are selling. This is especially essential if you are selling products the customers have to assemble. The guided instructions will make your products more user friendly and popular. A link on the front of the package is best.
  6. Setting up proactive personal support is the winner of a great customer experience. Now you don't need to offer live chat 24 hours, but you can find ways to inform the customers you are working on their requests. A proactive and smooth FAQ page is the best option.
  7. Consider establishing a good cause drive. You can offer free shipping and returns if you know that your products will generate more revenue than the shipping costs. Then encourage customers to ship their returns to a good cause, for example, a dog collar to a pet shelter. Customers will love this philanthropic side of your business, along with the free return.

Final Thoughts

This article has just discussed simple and effective ways of adding to your customer's experience. Retention and loyalty are the primary goals for every business, and the GLUE strategy works to earn just that for business.

Try to incorporate incredible product offerings for your customers, coupled with a support strategy. You will soon have a loyal and wide customer following with these tips.