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Social Media Solutions: Building a Brand from Scratch

Whatever you dream about, we can make it happen!

Having a strong online presence is a necessity today. Your target audience is hanging out on social media more than ever before- they’re posting, connecting with friends, browsing, reading reviews, creating art and shopping!


Social media can give your business a much-needed boost, but having a social media profile is not merely limited to posting.

With social media you have the opportunity to reach your ideal target audience, interact with them, and build a community that will be loyal to your brand.

To achieve this, you need a strong social media strategy, along with precise planning and research. As a business owner, we understand that it’s difficult to handle a social media account and do everything that goes along with it, but one of our UAM’s Social Media Assistants can do all that for you!

Let me tell you about one of Uassist.ME’s clients that experienced success with a Social Media VA.

The client was a fashion enthusiast and had a vision of creating a fashion Instagram in which she could share and inform her audience about the latest trends from Fashion Week and Red Carpet events.

So we started the brand from scratch, and once we had a clear idea of what the client wanted to achieve we went ahead and created a website.

When we started, we created blogs for each of the events that were happening and for each designer that we liked.

Our Instagram posts had detailed descriptions of each of the looks from all of the Red Carpet events, Fashion Weeks, and important designers that attended as well as the celebrities.

Additionally, we created new and innovative hashtags that people all around the world started using.

The brand was getting traction and got noticed by significant people in the fashion industry,they started to invite us to Fashion events to write blogs and reviews, until we got invited to Fashion Week Paris!

From that moment on, the brand became unstoppable.

Various Fashion University students started asking if they could help the brand, and we made them our interns. We were sending three to five students to take photos of Fashion Week worldwide, not only from the show but also from backstage!

Our Instagram following started to grow uncontrollably, and the designers themselves began to share our posts and Instagram stories every day throughout those events.

Today, the client is still on the guest list of every Fashionista event and the followers count on Instagram is at more than 6,500 and growing!