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What are Employees Saying About Working Remote?

In 2019, before the health crisis erupted, a Gallup study showed that nearly 43% of all U.S. employees worked off-site at least some of the time, and 63% of millennials would choose to work from home if they were given the choice between a small raise or remote work!

UAM Assistant

Here’s what some of Uassist.ME’s employees had to say about that:

“I like working remotely because I can use up more time as I don’t have to deal with traffic, I can eat better and have a healthier lifestyle and I can enjoy my loud music while I work!”

Juan Panama, Creative Director at Uassist.ME

I enjoy working remotely because I have freedom with my time; I get to focus on the things that really matter. I spend less time in traffic, so I get more time to do things I love!”

Kirian Herrera, Team Leader at Uassist.ME

"I love working from home because I’m more productive and efficient in my work. Also, I save more money, avoid daily commuting, and on top of that, I spend quality time with my family and my dog."

Juliette Saravia, Creative Services Virtual Assistant at Uassist.ME

I enjoy working remotely because I get a few extra minutes of sleep. I also save gas money and I enjoy being able to spend lunchtime with my family. Also, it's easier to have periods of absolute focus.”

Sylvana Alvarez, Junior Supervisor at Uassist.ME

I enjoy working remotely because I save up so much time now that I do not commute anymore. I can get to read more!”

Meriem Hebaz, Human Resources at Uassist.ME

“I prefer working remotely over having to go to the office for various reasons, among the most relevant is the fact of avoiding the stress and chaos of traffic in the morning. In addition, the time lost in traffic can, sometimes, be about one hour, which can be used in other things such as having a more relaxed breakfast or doing some exercise. However, I think the reason why I like it the most is the fact that I can be anywhere, of course, as long as I am in a suitable place and with a stable internet connection to be able to carry out my tasks and maintain the quality of my work.”

Benjamin Garcia, Team Leader at Uassist.ME

I enjoy working from home because I avoid traffic, can spend more time with my family, I am able to save up money and just the flexibility of being able to take a nap during lunchtime or take small breaks.”

Josselyne Guerrero, Team Leader at Uassist.ME

Key point:

As you can see, most employees enjoy working remotely. One key advantage for business owners in having remote employees is that they’re thankful for remote work due to the extra flexibility and better quality of life, and they show that gratitude by giving an extra “umph” as they take care of your customers and your company.

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