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What’s the UAM Culture and Why It’s Important?

Ever since our founders established UAM back in 2009, the mission of this company has been to help business owners scale up their businesses. In UAM, we’re obsessed about helping our clients and our collaborators reach their maximum potential.

We’re all about people, we believe that companies in the world exist not to merely make money, but to improve the lives of their constituents.

UAM has grown from a 6 person team in a small office in downtown San Salvador to 350 employees and our very own building (Edificio Colabora) in one of the most popular areas of San Salvador.

As we keep growing, it’s our responsibility to always revisit and refine our mission, our purpose and our organizational values, to make sure we’re in the right direction of the purpose that we strive to fulfill every day, which is: to empower our collaborators through opportunities and cooperation to enable their growth with our clients and within UAM.

After conducting several company-wide surveys and talking to our collaborators, we’ve come up with our very own definition of the values that define us as a company and as a family.

These are the values that we want to be held accountable for and that we want to apply to our professional life as well as to our personal lives, because we believe that by living these values, we can make the world a better place:

1) Commitment

We’re committed to making the future we envision a reality and so we strive to improve every day. We live up to our promises by demonstrating commitment to UAM and to our client’s companies.

We grow together when we take the time to learn what they’re truly committed to - their mission, their WHY - and by helping them achieve it, they help us achieve ours.

2) Optimism

Having a positive outlook is our daily choice. We’re creating a better future for our clients, for UAM and for ourselves by taking an optimistic approach. Our hope and confidence in what we’re doing drives us to be action-oriented and engage in our work with a sense of urgency. The right mindset will help us achieve our goals and claim the future.

3) Empathy

We understand our client’s urgencies as if they are our own, because every requirement that our client has, is an opportunity for our growth and development in UAM.

We strive to maintain and foster a positive and cooperative atmosphere and we cherish and look after each other.

4) Collaboration

The strength of UAM comes from the commitment, skills and unity of the group, because standing on one another’s shoulders is how we can all see ahead.

We share ideas and we collaborate with one another because our peers in UAM are like our family.

5) Responsibility

We honor the responsibility assigned to us, by executing to the best of our abilities every time. By being responsible with our tasks is how we create trust with our peers, with our clients and within UAM, therefore creating more opportunities for our development.

Based on these values, we’ve also developed our very own Way To Play, these are the “rules of the game” that we all live by, as soon as we become part of the UAM community:

Our Way To Play

1. The strength of .ME comes from the team around .ME

2. We believe that diversity and inclusion is the key to innovation and to building a better world

3.Leaders in UAM have a serve-first mindset and their role is to empower and take care of others.

4. True fulfillment comes from helping others

5. Having a positive outlook is our daily choice

6. We generate lasting value with consistent effort over time

7. We’re ALL IN with our clients, and we’re committed to their success

8. We create opportunities by adapting and responding quickly to change

9. We enable our clients to close the gap between intention and action

10. We revolve our world around our clients and their customers


In UAM we want to create a work environment that gets the very best out of people, because we believe that a great company culture fosters trust and cooperation, and when this happens, our company becomes stronger and better able to pull together to reach our client’s goals and objectives.