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10 Things You Can Simplify if You Just Hired a Remote Team

Managing remote teams doesn’t have to be stressful, or difficult. Not at all. On the contrary, remote employees will be there to help you solve all those tasks you need to delegate. 

And, most importantly, they’ll be there to do them well. Fortunately, virtual teams can be as efficient and professional as co-located teams.adrien-olichon-G57hY5cjCzo-unsplash

What’s more, remote work is getting increasingly common nowadays because it offers you excellent quality at a considerable low cost. Working remotely with an entire team can help you grow your business quickly without investing a huge sum of money. 

If the concept of remote work or different time zones still scares you beyond delegating one-off tasks, you should think about the multiple benefits collaboration can bring you if you implement remote work on a regular basis:

  • Remote work is a culturally diverse and enriching experience that can give you new selling ideas to work on later
  • It provides you with high-quality work without having to implement a traditional hiring strategy—which is expensive for small businesses!
  • You can find super skilled people with unique combinations of talents (even if you consider your niche rare) and learn to trust them, even though you won’t be sharing your co-working space
  • There are a lot of tasks you won’t be doing anymore!
  • There’s no physical workspace needed to grow your brand
  • You can work more focused only on the tasks that you love

And there’s more. Collaboration tools (like Google Drive, instant messaging and video calls) can totally simplify your entire conversations with your remote team, helping you gain more productivity than ever.

Remote team management can entail diverse areas of business. However, some of the basics that a distributed team commonly cover are the following:

1. Data management: william-iven-SpVHcbuKi6E-unsplash

Companies need to handle tons of information nowadays. Managing this data is crucial to help your business move forward. Having someone to work on your data can give you powerful insights that you can use later for multiple purposes. From social media marketing to improve your customer service.

2. Data analysis:

A remote team working with your data is ideal to organize information in different ways. Charts, presentations, infographics can be super time saving to understand what’s going on quickly and be able to act upon those insights. 

Focusing a lot on data analysis may prevent you from focusing on other important business aspects, such as meetings with potential business partners. Delegating data analysis is a wise decision to make.

3. Website design /development:

A website is like today’s business card. So it can’t be done halfway. A website has to feature beautiful design and functionality at the same time. It should be both mobile and desktop friendly. It shouldn’t be out there with outdated content. 

That’s why a common trend in business is to delegate website design and maintenance to a remote team who specializes in the area.

4. Bilingual communication:stefan-stefancik-pzA7QWNCIYg-unsplash

In this fast-paced globalized world, transactions and processes in multiple languages are common currency. That’s the reason why it’s very frequent to have remote employees working on tasks that require specific knowledge of foreign languages. This could be used in: 

  • writing
  • translations
  • localization
  • instant messaging
  • among others.

    5. Customer service/support: 

As companies get bigger and bigger, providing fast yet high-quality customer service is crucial. Especially because customers expect personalized and quick attention. This is why many brands are managing remote customer support that can be done through social networks like Twitter, for instance.

6. Invoicing and billing: 

We know how dense accounting can get. So, it’s highly common that companies delegate their payment, expenses and other accounting-related tasks to remote employees. A remote team can order your finances in ways you´ve never imagined.

7. Schedule organization:

When schedules get complicated, it’s important to have other people organizing it for you. Time management is super important for a company, no matter the size. So, as responsibilities get bigger, a CEO can’t dedicate valuable time to organize an everyday agenda.

This type of task can be perfectly done by a team of remote employees.

8. Content development:green-chameleon-s9CC2SKySJM-unsplash

People consume a huge amount of content online: Blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, etc. So, no brand can get behind this marketing tendency. A remote workforce can help companies win the content race with regular, in-depth and relevant content for people who are looking forward to it.

9. Research: 

This is a perfect fit for collaboration work. Research is one of the most time-consuming tasks and can take a toll on people. However, if a distributed team is in charge of this, the everyday work of a team leader flows much easier.

10. Marketing campaigns:

Remote employees with marketing knowledge can help a company grow through social media marketing campaigns which target a specific type of people. Finding and reaching an audience is time-consuming, so it’s super advisable to delegate it to virtual teams. 

It’s super common to have a remote team working on a company’s Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns, just to mention a few.

With Uassist.ME you can finally embrace your desired work-life balance for good. We feature a highly skilled team of virtual assistants in whom you can trust your important activities. 

Our virtual assistants use cutting edge tools to communicate with you and to deal with your specific work demands. 

Virtual assistance services can free you up a huge amount of time that you can allocate on working on other activities or just enjoying your free time. Our team members have different backgrounds and work specialties, so we can help you find the right match for your company. 

Apart from the tasks mentioned above, our virtual assistants can take care of:

  • Graphic design
  • Community management
  • Basic logistics
  • General administrative tasks
  • App development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Project management

 Managing a remote team (and your tasks) has never been so easy.

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