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10 Ways in Which Social Media can Benefit your Business

It’s difficult to cover all the benefits that you can reap with clever use of social media platforms in one article. However, today, we’re going to explore some of the basic advantages that using social media channels offers to your business.

If you haven’t paid much attention to social channels before, we can assure you one thing: Social isolation is doing harm to your company.

Brands are relying more and more on social networking as time goes by. And seeing successful outcomes. 

Are you going to miss the social media revolution? prateek-katyal-xv7-GlvBLFw-unsplash

Let’s see 10 reasons why you shouldn’t waste the potential of social media platforms:

1. People are super easy to find on media platforms: 

Since people spend the majority of their free time interacting through different social media sites, it’s always a safe bet to target new customers there. 

You’ll just have to identify your ideal client’s profile first and understand which social networks they’re spending their time on, and what for. 

Although this may sound simple in theory, it’s a complex process that requires a lot of research in tandem with deep marketing understanding.

2. Social networking has become the new handshake: robin-worrall-FPt10LXK0cg-unsplash

Popular social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can help you find the right people for your upcoming projects. 

How many times have you seen that freelancers and entrepreneurs share ideas and invitations to build businesses on social media networks or to find new job opportunities? 

So, building a stimulating and varied online network (with people from different niches and positions) it’s the best you can do. It can save you a lot of talent hunting time in the future. 

Some may say that your network is nothing but your net worth.

3. A social media presence on media platforms can make your brand look much bigger than it really is:

There are certain proven techniques (for both the online and the offline realms) that can help you project a bigger image for your company, even though you may be a solopreneur or owning a small business with a few employees.

Media sites can do a wonderful job when it comes to showing and communicating your brand messages effectively.

4. Social media tools can simplify your client hustle if you have a plan: 

There’s a wide range of social media apps to simplify your everyday social networking. With these kinds of software, you can accelerate your content creation processes, among other social media related common areas.

Some of them could be 

  • campaign goal setting
  • content curation
  • content strategy
  • audience research
  • re planning
  • KPIs identification
  • customer persona description

5. Influencer marketing could totally elevate your company to the sky:

Since the power of authentic, confident and expert people in your niche is undeniable, you can never overlook the power of influencers for social media users.

Their particular mixture of boy/girl next door and serious businessperson can get a lot of people purchasing from you.

Luckily, there are influencers for every industry and marketing budget.

6. Customers are paying a lot of attention to reviews on social networks, and it’s a growing tendency:

Successful companies understood that it´s necessary to become more customer-centric than ever. This gives a lot of power to your followers, meaning what other people are saying about your brand becomes super important. 

Your online reputation can create a lot of buzz about your brand, or on the contrary, totally destroy you. So, it’s better to stay alert on any update about your brand. Because clients share their experiences online. 

7. Each person has 7 social accounts on average: nordwood-themes-yyMJNPgQ-X8-unsplash

This is pretty self-explanatory since again, it proves that social media is an excellent environment to catch new customers. The number of monthly active users on social networks like Instagram or Snapchat has soared over the last few years.

8. It’s easy to monitor the activity of your target audience with the right tools: 

Some social media accounts offer free basic analytics so you can understand which content is performing better. And thus, make future adjustments.

However, there are other social media marketing tools that you have to pay for if you want to perform more advanced tasks like competitor’s analysis or content suggestions for SEO.

9. Clients have turned into social media followers: 

Customers don’t want to buy and leave it there. They need to feel connected to your brand’s values in order to keep purchasing. What better way than revolving your social media content around them? Your client has to be the center of your social media publications, not your products/services.

10. Social interactions can be measured to improve your social media marketing practices: 

The units of measure that can assess social media marketing practices are enormous. However, measuring accordingly is the only way to improve and see results.

Blind social media marketing is the worst thing you can do. No matter if you’re just a startup or if you own a big company. Your goals and strategy have to be clear from the very start. 

Social media is a huge world to navigate solo. And it can get really frustrating unless you understand how it operates. However, good use of social media sites can bring you a raft of amazing results in a short time—and without investing a large sum of money or hiring a lot of people! 

If you just take the leap and delegate social media marketing and management, you´ll be able to focus more on core tasks and see tangible results at the same time. 

Uassist.ME comes to solve the multiple problems of social networks for you, as well as other business-related issues that you may be experiencing in your day-to-day. 

Since virtual assistants no longer work just as secretaries, they have specific media marketing skills that rise to the occasion. 

Some of them 

  • Content marketing 
  • Posts scheduling 
  • User-generated content  

Other fields

  • Customer service 
  • Data management 
  • Analytics 
  • Website design and optimization

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