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4 Tips to Grow your Business in a Short Time

So you want what all people want in the complex selling arena. To significantly grow your business in 2019. That´s not a big secret after all. But, what about your business plan?

I mean, are your ways of doing tasks truly focused on real business growth? Are you taking actionable steps to really materialize that marketing strategy you have carefully planned? You still don´t believe that content is king and context is queen?

If you feel that you can't see the wood for the trees anymore, here we have four useful tips and a raft of concrete actions to help you weather the confusion storm. (Carefully selected for you to grow your brand quickly.)

Refocus today by following these business expansion hacks that we find key:

1. Spend Three Hours a Day Reaching Potential Buyers:

The 80% of businesses you know suffer from the owner not spending enough time connecting with people who can purchase their product or service.

This is a mandatory north for your business vessel because it's not only potential clients who can help in the long and winding growth path.

In fact, taking the time to talk to actual clients can immensely help you refine your strategy in less time than you could have ever imagined.

If your business isn’t growing because of this reason, it´s time to seriously get in the social media marketing spiral and reach out to potential clients as well as your customer base. Listen to them all.

And why not trying reaching another venture capitalist this year?

Successful and rapidly growing businesses highly value regular open communications with followers. How can you do it too?

Prioritizing quality communications in tandem with your other business goals.america-analysis-cellphone-926987

Direct mail is maybe the most personalized strategy. E-mail is still a super powerful marketing tool. You can also run a Twitter poll or schedule short video calls with top clients to show that you care for them in a huge personalized way.

Cause you really do.

Also, you´ll need to pay lots of attention to providing fast and accurate customer service. Did you know that Twitter is a special social network for these purposes?

2. Run Low-Cost Google Ads Experiments to Level up your Marketing Game:

One of the best aspects of Google Ads is that it’s quite cheap to try it out.

You and your business don't need thousands of dollars to be wasted targetting users through Linkedin premium or your own business site—without having useful feedback.

Or even the people who have visited your website get the best user experience ever. But what you need, for sure, is constructive feedback and accurate measuring tools.

For a start, it’s easy to find some great instructional videos about Google Ads online—and completely free of charge. You can dive into the different options here.

Or you can go where someone with more information about Google Ads and ask them for a concrete strategy to increase your sales fast. You can go and get yourself an advisor if you want a face to face conversation about this sharp tool.

It doesn´t have to be someone working for the SBDC. A trustworthy LinkedIn contact from your network will surely do to get the basics.

Yes, we know it takes time. But, for many people, the switch to Google Ads has revolutionized their whole brand when it comes to growth.

With Google Ads, you´ll quickly get familiar with CPC, PPC, conversion rates, and other juicy marketing jargon especially designed to grow your business in a painless fashion.

3. Work Only on a New Business Until 11 A.M.:

It’s important to have (and follow) a schedule so that you can focus on tasks that matter to really grow your business in the least complicated ways.

Do you have too much paperwork, people to meet and a lot of bureaucracy going on? You're doing something wrong then. But don´t worry.

You´re not the only one wasting their time worrying about life insurance plans.

Too often entrepreneurs get caught up in all these non-sales related activities. Then suddenly realize the day has ended. And, sadly, the businesses once again have not increased their revenue, in spite of all the content marketing efforts and other time-consuming tasks.

So you better start retargeting your ways. And stop doing what´s not working.

For the sake of your growth, you ought to organize yourself better to work smarter. And one of the best ways to do that is to apply a simple golden principle of big businesses.

You (and the important people in your brand) will spend your mornings until 11 am only on income increasing activities. No social media channels yet.

(There´ll be a moment for that blog post later.) And the upcoming content strategy can totally wait.

Unless you get this important stuff done first each day, you will usually find it doesn’t get done at all. If you´re too lost about what you´re not doing right to juggle the multiple tasks you have to face, carry out a SWOT analysis about your schedule.

It´s an actionable, to-the-point strategy that could change your whole business growth game for good.

4. Constantly Picture Yourself as a Top Level Entrepreneur:

Sometimes it’s hard to be on the other side and get to the state we want so bad to be in. Because when we envisage a successful business, we see ourselves on a different level and it's difficult to have sound judgment about what we´re doing.free-freedom-gratitude-6945

You will only be as successful as your self-identity allows.

That will definitely transfer to all your businesses, to your product or service, to your marketing efforts, even to the content you share.

So, be mindful about what you think about yourself, and especially, how you talk to yourself. Your internal conversation must be encouraging and self-compassionate. That´s a difficult one since most entrepreneurs put a lot of pressure on themselves.

And most importantly, you should fully embrace the long-term bamboo tree philosophy.

You can learn all about the full Chinese bamboo tree mindset here. A totally recommended reading to lower anxiety levels and keep on going despite all the difficulties that may arise.

Improve your self-image daily, treat yourself as a top-level business person and then behave in accordance with that positive vision of yourself.

And apart from a super empowering mindset, have tons of patience with yourself. This will totally reflect on how you grow your business.

Do you want to irradiate hopelessness or quality solutions?

Because at the end of the day, business success is just a mental game. So, our final piece of advice for you today is to work hard and to play hard.

As you´re a clever businessperson, we know that you´re going to follow our wise tips from A through Z. Because you have no choice but changing some routines to really grow your business the way you know you can.

However, you´ve already realized that the only way to carry out so many demanding tasks is by delegating a lot of unwanted activities. Chores that are getting in the way of what you excel at.adult-indoors-laptops-1560932

You (and nobody in fact) can´t just keep up with all the new marketing trends and the content marketing fever you started to notice over the last five years.

Moreover, the concepts of UTM tracking and Facebook retargeting pixel have been bothering you a great deal lately because you don´t get them. And there´s simply no time no matter how fast you can read.

That is when virtual assistance services step into the scene. And the business melodrama is finally over. Say bye bye to crisis and hello to a new beginning.

A virtual assistant? Seriously? But I wonder if they know about LinkedIn marketing and Facebook ads to get me more clients? Who are they and how do they work? Is it an expensive service?

Or maybe you´re still wondering how to find the best virtual assistant and if it´s worth the money. Well, let me tell you that you´ve arrived at the right place and that the investment will pay off.

Because Uassist.ME is one of the virtual assistance companies that´s proud of having been awarded as a HIPAA Compliant.

Only the best virtual assistant companies can achieve that kind of official recognition only through:

  • Constant innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • People who really have an eye for detail
  • Plans catering for different but specific business needs

Picture this.

You´re intensely growing organic traffic but, at the same time, you´re dedicating very little time to social media platforms.

Someone is happily in charge of your list hygiene and other e-mail marketing technicalities you don´t understand—and care about.

Your initial business plan is finally materializing in the concrete world, in the form of charming revenue.

You have stopped struggling. Because your sales are soaring. And your business is growing. You´re over the moon, as you visualized it.

That is a sneak-peak of what having a virtual assistant feels like.

But there´s more. The benefits are multiple for both your business expansion and your personal growth.

Just some of them are:

  1. You can enjoy your daily tasks more because you do fewer activities and you don´t feel overwhelmed anymore by office chores
  2. You will definitely worry less and less about the sales funnel because you´re totally converting more and more
  3. You will do your core tasks faster than ever because you´re totally focused on your brand vision (and you can think clearer)
  4. You finally stop running against the clock and enjoy more free quality time with your loved ones, without dropping one cash flow opportunity or quality of service
  5. You can totally forget about feeding so many social media channels on your own. Because a virtual assistant is taking care of your content marketing race
  6. You can provide faster (and also bilingual) customer service through Twitter and E-mail because you want to reach a Spanish speaking market too
  7. You can finally find the extra hours to read the whole NAIFA website and all about flybridge capital—and venture capital too
  8. You have someone managing your cloud solution provider for you, as well as your outdated blog on WordPress.

Are you ready and willing to revamp your company today with our high-quality services?brainstorming-colleagues-corporate-1126288

You can learn more details about all our virtual assistance solutions here in our FAQs section. And, moreover, you can read all our special mentions, awards and recognitions here.

Request a consultation now with Uassist.ME—and change the way you do business.