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5 Reasons Why you Need to Invest Time in your VA Upon Hiring

5-Reasons-Why-You-Need -to-Invest-Time-in-Your-VA-Upon-Hiring

If you recently hired virtual assistance services for your business, you may be eager to get started and provide your virtual assistant with the first tasks so you can finally organize your valuable time differently. 

You picture yourself going to the gym every day and spending more quality time with your family.

However, if you do not take the appropriate initial steps to set up your virtual assistant for success, you can quickly run into a number of issues when tasks go by. 

But you can totally avoid these problems by applying some simple strategies that we’re happy to share with you today.

Continue reading to learn more about the multiple benefits of investing in your virtual assisting from the very beginning. 

1. Build Confidence in Your Virtual Assistant’s Experience hunters-race-MYbhN8KaaEc-unsplash

Every intelligent virtual assistant knows well that, in order to be successful in the performance of their everyday tasks, they need to be able to anticipate their client’s needs. A virtual assistant’s desire is to provide support for those stressful areas in your personal life or business arena. 

But, in order to confidently anticipate those scenarios and deal with them effectively, a virtual assistant needs to understand how you operate. But just showing them a to-do list won’t do the trick. You’ll have to show yourself open to be known.

Work together with your virtual assistant and communicate well to set clear expectations so they can confidently provide exactly what you need, and when you need it. 

Sometimes we fail at this and we take some things for granted. Those communication mistakes can result in big problems which can be totally avoided.

But, if you’re still not so sure of what you’re looking for in your assistant services, it’s advisable you carefully think about it before hiring a virtual assistant.

A confident virtual assistant will eventually be able to act independently as another pair of hands, using all their skills available to solve your problems while you’re not there. 

And that’s exactly why you need va services in the first place, right?

2. Personalize Your Virtual Assistant

By trade, VAs know each client is different. Maybe you prefer to be texted reminders while another client prefers phone calls or social media DMs. Or maybe you just like your Mondays to remain meeting-free, while another client likes scheduling meetings at the very beginning of the week. 

Also, it’s not the same to be an independent contractor than doing business on a tight schedule as a full-time employee. And it’s certainly not the same to work in a detached or friendly culture. 

So, by investing time in your virtual assistant you will be giving them the opportunity to get to know you better, ultimately serving you better with their everyday tasks. 

Invest proper time in the beginning so they can quickly learn how to provide their virtual assistant services best and become your go-to person for all those administrative tasks you´re looking to get rid of.

3. Ensure Efficiency at All Times

Picture this: You are running late for an important meeting and sadly realize you brought the wrong notes. You make a quick call to your virtual assistant and you request they upload the document to your Dropbox account. The only problem is they do not have the password. You cannot recall the password so you give her a list of potential passwords. None of them is working and your virtual assistant has to reset your password first and then upload the document. 

This can be a common issue if you do not take the initial steps to make sure your virtual assistant is set up for success. Investing some time in your assistant may look different for everyone, but it can ensure smooth sailing for everybody. Especially during those stressful business times. 

For some, it may mean writing down a list of updated passwords, for others explaining the goals of a social media account in depth. 

The clearer you are about the specific way you like running your everyday chores, the more efficient your VA will be.

4. Streamline Projects and Tasksstil-flRm0z3MEoA-unsplash

Virtual assistants know how to use many different software programs and frequently are required to pick up skills in new technology because everything is changing so rapidly. Sometimes this means you may be introducing your virtual assistant to a new program or two. If so, investing in some training upfront can decrease the amount of time your VA needs to spend on learning a new system on the run, which can result in mistakes. 

Depending on your needs you can train your VA for example in project management software, or maybe in graphic design, audio edition, or bookkeeping. The va business must always contribute to the simplification ok tasks instead of adding new ones to your plate. But don’t freak out, there are video tutorials for each and every software. This won’t take you a lot of time.

5. Ensure Your Virtual Assistant is a Good Fit 

The interview process is always the ideal time to discover if you and your virtual assistant will click. However, it may not always be completely apparent at first glance. So, it’s advisable to take your time, in the beginning, to get to know your assistant to check if it is a good fit for both of you. 

This can also give you the confidence necessary to know you made the right choice when you hire a virtual assistant for your business. 

And if you choose well, you’ll be decreasing your stress levels and allowing them to take over in more areas. 

So maybe you can start giving your virtual assistant more general administrative tasks, like calendar management or phone calls, and then move to more specific areas, like proofreading and editing or social media scheduling.

No doubt that with the right assistant for you, you will be able to grow your business faster and with less stress and more power focus on yourself. You can forget about the chores you don´’t like and concentrate on what truly matters. 

Your personal and professional growth. 

Luckily, at Uassist.ME, we are certainly virtual assistant savvies. Years of experience and professionalism back us up. 

We’re one of the best virtual assistant businesses, ready to match you with your ideal fit. We’ve worked for major companies like Facebook.

If you happen to work in the medical field, we’re glad to share with you that we comply with HIPAA regulations. We’re proud to have been awarded as HIPAA Compliant due to our efficiency in following strict security protocols.

We feature a professional and diverse team of dedicated virtual assistants who are specialized in different areas of business, from social media marketing to accounting. 

No matter their career paths, our virtual assistants always aim to build a solid long-term relationship by getting to know you, your business, your clients, and/or your personal life. They are there to become your right hand and will act as your own employee when they interact with others. 

So, with us, you can be totally sure that you´ll have a proper match for your business needs, regardless of your industry or niche.

Some of the several tasks our VAs can take for you are:

  • Social media management
  • Administrative support
  • Website design and optimization
  • Travel arrangements and scheduling 
  • Video and audio editing
  • Translations (English-Spanish)
  • Data management
  • Content writing / curation

If you want to read more about productivity and time management, you can do it here. Our blog offers also interesting insights on useful topics like BPO, project management, and E-Commerce. Don´t miss it.

Get started.