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5 Things You Didn't Know Virtual Assistants Could Do

Dear curious blog reader,

Do you seriously still believe that the role of a virtual assistant is a good fit only to do your general administrative tasks or just to fill a secretary-type position?

And let me guess. Do you picture yourself doing all the donkey work while a VA is just sending a couple of e-mails to clients? And only that little while you´re being charged a super high hourly rate?

Not anymore! Let me tell you that, luckily for self-driven business people, virtual assistant jobs have changed over time, and for the better. Radically changed, to be completely honest.

So, before you carry out a cost-benefit analysis on the VA matter, let me quickly explain in full detail how a virtual assistant works in 2019.

Results first, of course.

Nowadays, business owners can relax more and more because a virtual assistant (or sometimes many) are taking good care of various other aspects of their companies that they may need help with to avoid going crazy and overwhelmed.

For example, VAs are constantly in charge of difficult aspects of the everyday work routine, like social media marketing or customer service. Or even website design.

Or maybe, they can take numerous simple tasks that business owners just don´t want to do because they like carrying out more complex work. Or they lack the time to do essential but boring tasks.

But I guess you might have never considered delegating certain tasks to a virtual assistant in the “old days". But today, there’s almost nothing a virtual assistant can’t do.

Because they´ve developed an interesting mixture of 21st-century skills that can simply do wonders to your business in a very short time.

No longer are VAs mere “assistants”—they can (and totally should) be an integral part of your whole business team! Regardless of the remote condition.

It´s simpler than it looks. Once you figure out what weak areas are opportunities for additional strength and business growth, your virtual assistant can easily fill in those gaps.

And make your business team more solid than ever before.

What is more, a reliable virtual assistant will undoubtedly be your go-to person in no time. Simply because you´ll see how your small business starts growing more rapidly than without one in your team.

And you´ll be more relaxed of course. You´ll work more creatively than ever. You´ll feel genuinely connected with your clients´needs.

And most importantly, you´ll forget about running against the clock to please your clients every single day.

Because we´re all asking ourselves the same questions these days.

  • How can we save more time?
  • How to get more recurring clients through smart use of social media without spending so much time on social media?
  • How can we be more productive to do more quality work in less time?

How to achieve the desired work-life balance with such a demanding online (and offline) schedule?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can use the power of a virtual assistant to increase your business productivity. And offer better services to your clients. Without losing your precious time for leisure activities and family time.

That's why we’ve outlined below for you some unexpected tasks you can always delegate to VAs. No matter your field or niche.

Among the zillion things you didn't know virtual assistants could do, you should totally hire a virtual assistant for:

1. Financial Help:helloquence-61189-unsplash

Virtual assistants can totally provide ample help with your company financials to free time slots of your schedule. You could totally ask your virtual assistant to put together financial details or monthly performance reports.

And to pay bills, invoice customers, or keep track of company financials with easy going accounting software.

You could even extend the financial duties to include bookkeeping and payroll in the equation too. This is mandatory, for example, for self-employed individuals.

Yes, it´s perfect for your side business.

Now you can happily check those boxes from your financial to-do list with the extra hands of a virtual assistant. And without losing yourself in the figures.

2. Social Media Assistance:

Social media interactions can take very large amounts of time if you let it. But, delegating these kinds of tasks to a knowledgeable virtual assistant who has enough time (and focus) to spend on it will do wonders for the online presence of your business.

So do you happen to be an independent contractor?

Don´t worry. Your virtual assistant can totally monitor your social media accounts for gathering new followers, answering questions, and engaging with your social media audience by sharing relevant posts for them.  

Did you know that VAs have important networking and digital marketing skills? And that they can perform very specific writing services like SEO writing, blog posts, and case studies if needed?

So, you won´t have to worry about how your company looks like on social media platforms anymore. And you won´t have to waste a lot of energy either. Feeding your multiple social media accounts is super time consuming and exhausting.

However, at the same time, you already know how important a magnetic online presence is in this high-speed internet time.

3. Data Analysis and Secondary Research:

Basic data analysis is one of the ideal tasks for delegating to a virtual assistant: their high-level analysis skills can help shape your in-depth analysis down the road. And this will certainly save you a lot of time so you can focus on core tasks.

If you think it´s too much to begin with, you can start by delegating simple data entry tasks to a VA.

And then, you could consider taking that information to the next level.

For example?

Hiring a virtual assistant can quickly help you turn your raw data into charts and identify any key trends or major insights that might come up.

VAs can also round out your data with secondary research, which provides even more detail than basic data analysis.

Secondary research is highly important in times where technology is producing fast-paced transformations in everyday life, consumer trends, communications with clients and basically, the way we do business.

And finally, your virtual assistant can turn all of these insights into a presentation or document for easier reading, or showing it to your clients. Why not sharing company stats through your social media channels? 

As a freelancer, you´ll definitely need this to showcase your services to future clients or more importantly, market yourself even better on social media.

And if you want to increase your hourly rate as a solopreneur, a VA is just perfect to accelerate that complex process that will otherwise take forever if you try to do it on your own.

4. Content Editing:austin-distel-1590561-unsplash

After you write an important work email, an educational blog post, or another specific form of content for your website, you can send it to your virtual assistant to do some editing tasks before the final publishing comes.

Having a new set of fresh eyes to go over your work will help fix any mistakes you may have missed—because the longer you spend reading the same piece over, the more likely you are to glaze over errors. And you lose objectivity.

Your virtual assistant can gladly identify and correct your spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, or confusing flow in your content.

So, you shouldn´t be afraid of using these kinds of virtual assistant services to other specific tasks of your work. Because writing and editing content is just one small piece of the whole business set of skills.

And we do know that every business and niche is a world on its own.

5. Customer Service:

Your virtual assistant can act as a customer service representative by answering support phone calls, collecting feedback from clients, or resolving questions or issues in zero time.

They can also report to you what the most common feedback, problems, or praise is that you´re receiving.

A VA can also deeply improve customer experience and satisfaction by carrying out surveys about clients’ experiences.

And this is extremely important for your growth and to spread positive word-of-mouth about your small business.

VAs can perform all these kinds of tasks on social media apart from on the phone. Twitter is one of the most popular vehicles of customer service. And of course, it can´t be inactive for long because it gives a bad impression to clients.

And there´s a number six task for you. Because we like to be super generous with our readers. Because virtual assistants can do more than the above.

Apart from all the tasks already mentioned, virtual assistants can totally translate content into Spanish. We work with bilingual virtual assistants who can handle information in both Spanish and English.

This is increasingly important, especially for social media.

Businesses need to expand themselves and open to other countries in order to evolve and survive. And how are they going to do so if they don´t provide services in other languages than English? Multilanguage posting is at the order of the day.

So, you can also relax about Spanish with our translation services and leave the difficult language challenges to our team of bilingual VAs.

So, now that you have some clear ideas of how virtual assistance services could be helpful for your everyday tasks, we have an important question for you.

Are you ready to take the next step and discover the benefits of building a virtual business?

You can now save a hundred hours of blog posts analysis with our special gift—specially prepared for you. This is a painless solution for your entrepreneuring curiosity.

And don´t forget: there´s always much more beyond hiring a VA like an administrative assistant only. Because things have changed. And you should too.

VAs can also, for instance, take good care of your travel arrangements while you go for a stroll in the park. Or they will pen an appealing job description to find your next full-time employee on LinkedIn.

And speaking about time, did you know that you can save up to almost 80% per year by using virtual assistance services?szucs-laszlo-91030-unsplash

Now, do you want to know more about virtual assistant jobs?

You can check out our virtual assistant services here. if you still have a lot of doubts about this type of work, you can see our FAQs here.

And for featured plans for your business in particular, please follow this link.

Request a consultation today to find the perfect VA for you. We can totally assure you-you won´t regret it.

Spread the delegation wings as great leaders do.