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6 Awesome Web Design Tools for 2019

The web designing realm has become huge. And thus, website design gets more and more sophisticated, and users more demanding. With more than a billion websites all over the internet, it´s really hard to keep up with the latest trends.

However, that´s why we´re here. We´ve put together some useful web design tools and ideas you can totally apply to your next business project. 

The good news is, you don´t have to necessarily be a web designer to learn how to use them and create beautiful websites. 

This variety of software can help you create a website from scratch or improve your current creations, giving you a lot of web design inspiration. ben-kolde-Ajcipx1VDXI-unsplash

1. Wix 

Wix is a perfect website design tool for non-designers and non-developers. You can choose among a million pre-made templates to just customize it to your particular needs and drag and drop till you´re satisfied.

With this app, not only can you design regular websites, but also logos and landing pages are on the menu.

If the sheer idea of javascript scares you, Wix is definitely what you need. 

Another awesome thing about this web design software is that you can create a responsive web design. With Wix, it´s possible to make the site just once and see how it looks for both mobile and desktop versions.

2. Squarespace

As it´s the case with Wix, this web designing tool requires no coding skills at all. At first sight, it may look like this platform functions exactly the same as Wix, but in fact, there are some substantial differences in how these two web design tools work.

First of all, Wix is like a blank canvas. It means that you can literally drag and drop elements anywhere.

On the other hand, Squarespace features kinds of mockups (or structures) that you can´t change. And that means you can´t just drag and drop any element wherever you want because there´s already a fixed website design format to be respected.

What they do share is that people with no idea about how to code can use them. 

3. Hologram 

With Hologram, you can easily create and also do prototyping for WebVR. The app requires zero coding skills. So, with Hologram it´s easy to get into the world of VR website design with no excuses.

The philosophy behind this cutting edge app is to have fun and explore the horizons of the future. One of its major features is the 3D user interface, among others.

Don´t miss it. 

4. Figma 

Figma is a cutting-edge collaboration software that allows you to see a whole creative project in one dashboard at the same time that each participant owns their part in the process. 

With Figma, you can do prototyping, designing and collaboration. All in a single platform. 

Some benefits of it:

  • It has integrations with other platforms 
  • You can try it for free
  • Its plugins include: Unsplash, Mapsicle, and Autoflow, among others
  • Front-end developers and copywriters can be found in the same place

Figma´s motto is a flexible, collaborative and powerful workflow

5. Adobe Comp

Constant workflow is what Adobe Comp promises to its clients— and delivers to great standards. Adobe Comp was created to help you make prototypes in a more natural and integrated manner. 

With this tool, you can turn undefined lines and shapes into sharp graphics that you´ll absolutely adore.

You can take advantage of all the

  • Vectors
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Fonts (with Adobe Typekit)

that you can find within the Adobe Creative Cloud and finally, send them to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. 

Some of the benefits of using Adobe Comp

  • You draw in a more natural but accurate way
  • You easily collaborate and share your work
  • Accessing Creative Cloud Libraries is simpler than ever
  • There are a lot of stunning fonts at your disposal

6. Web Design Proposal Tool 

This web designer tool is totally a time saver for those designers and developers who loathe the administrative work of preparing proposals. If you have to create a web design proposal you can end drained before the real job even starts.

That´s why BeeWits comes with the solution to the problem featuring:

  • Beautiful fonts
  • Pre-made templates
  • A super attractive placeholder text that explains briefly why your prospects will desperately need your services
  • The possibility of saving your proposals and making improvements and tweaks for future clientscampaign-creators-iEiUITs149M-unsplash

By using this web design proposal software, you´ll be avoiding the combination of:

  • Word files
  • A calculator (what was that device?)
  • Photoshop and other graphic design tools
  • Excel sheets 

For the ones who want to have everything in one place when it comes to web design proposals, this is it. 

Maybe you want to change the user interface of your current site because it looks outdated, or there are some aspects of your web hosting services that you haven´t got time to read and analyze. Even though you own a website.

Or, perhaps, what you need is search engine optimization for your sublime text because you wrote something pretty good but you have zero blogging skills.

These are just tiny examples of all the ideas that you can share with your virtual assistant to improve your business.

Fortunately, Uassist.ME is fully prepared to help you make the most of your business time.kobu-agency-7okkFhxrxNw-unsplash

Because workflow becomes different when you´re only doing things you enjoy.

However, if your website design is totally covered, a virtual assistant can also take over your:

  • billing and accounting
  • translations (English-Spanish)
  • scheduling and phone calling
  • logistics 
  • data management
  • graphic design 
  • content writing

and much more. VAs are not like secretaries anymore. They have developed a powerful skill set so you can thrive in your everyday actions.

We have the right virtual assistant waiting for you. If you have doubts or questions about our services, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

And if you have further inquiries, you can always contact us.

Get started today.