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Boost Your SEO With a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants and SEO are key contributors to the digital metamorphosis most of us have witnessed. Living through a pandemic has only brought home the realization that online businesses and remote working is the new normal of the world.


Business owners realize more vividly how search engine optimization is an integral ingredient for success. Now is the best time to capitalize on the expert skills of VAs to perform optimization tasks.

Here are the best ways to boost your SEO with a professional VA.

1. Curate Content for Websites

To cure content is the process of researching and accumulating data and facts on particular topics of interest, along with other issues. Virtual assistants have skills that enable them to compile concrete and in-depth information about competitors, markets, and target audiences of their clients.

The foundation of every good article is concrete and authentic information in the most realistic manner. VAs are experts in this regard, along with providing promotion and repurposing services as well as attention.

2. Research on Competitors

To earn a competitive edge in the market, every business owner needs to stay ahead of the curve. The only way this is possible is when they have a thorough idea of what their competitors are up to, what actions they are implementing, what new innovations are in their plans etc.

VAs may not be able to guess the entire scope of the plans, but their research and browsing dig up valuable information about what the competitor is doing.

3. Blog Presence

The rapid growth of social media gave an added advantage to businesses: a wider online presence. From blog comments to brand appearances, VAs can make sure a larger audience is able to view your brand everywhere on social media and on the world wide web.

With the utmost knowledge and understanding of your business operations, VAs can contribute wisely on blogs. These blogs are generally in relation to your core business operations, topics, or issues relevant to your industry.

Apart from blog commenting, your VA can also help with off-site optimization, such as searching backlinks from relevant sites, building links, guest blogging and etc.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research may sound like a mundane thing, but in truth, it has a wide impact on your content’s value. VAs can find the best keywords for your content to ensure it is the strongest, most effective, and popular in the internet rankings. Keyword research is now a particular skill set, and only expert VAs can provide the best for your business needs.

5. SEO Maintenance

SEO requires the setup and maintenance of certain tools for qualitative functioning. This task is not highly technical, nor does an individual require extraordinary expertise in technicality to maintain and set up SEO tools. A VA can do a great job at this as well as monitoring the tools.

Whatever they observe in their monitoring, you can then convey to the SEO specialist.

6. Content Tracking

Virtual assistants not only contribute content but can also trace it to the multiple websites they submit content to. This helps them analyze how well the content is faring.

Such a report, in turn, helps an SEO specialist to verify data and devise stronger SEO plans.

7. Online Marketing

VAs these days have all the skills you need to promote your brand, products, services, etc. online. Social media today is the fastest and most effective means of marketing, only if you have relevant, engaging, and appealing content.

VAs ensure they make your business’ posts as attractive as can be. The most skillful VAs can promote your product, service, or brand within minutes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc. within minutes.

8. Regular Audit

A regular SEO audit is essential to verify where your website is lacking and the reason why your results are less than your expectations. With a regular audit, the VA is able to identify the shortcomings in the online campaign and assist SEO specialists with their observations. Better strategies will then be able to improve the website’s organic traffic.

Final Thoughts

Virtual assistants are integral to having a powerful SEO. The internet and online businesses largely govern the world’s operations today. With this thought, there can be no doubt as to how your business would benefit under the SEO expertise of a virtual assistant.