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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Law Firm

A lawyer’s staff typically takes care of tasks including office maintenance, social media management, clerical work and customer service. Such a full-scale physical office and staff is however, possible for big law firms and the rest of the attorneys generally struggle.


Small-scale law practices and solo attorneys are usually unable to hire a complete staff, from receptionist to other staff members and have to saddle additional tasks otherwise. Budgetary constraints and other factors contribute to making office management challenging for so many law firms.

This is why more and more lawyers are turning to virtual assistants for help. From online support for your law practice to taking care of your administrative tasks, virtual assistants can efficiently manage it all for you. This off-site tremendous support releases struggling lawyers from the burden of additional tasks and use their own space and their own computers to keep your business running smoothly.

How Lawyers Can Benefit from Virtual Assistants

Lawyers can choose to hire virtual assistants in conjunction with their existing physical staff or can completely forgo hiring in-house employees. However, the primary perk in any setup is that virtual assistants bring you increased productivity.

Many work structures, including the law practices, still believe in full-time staff members for taking care of some tasks and responsibilities. Unfortunately, even one single employee working full-time for you can be quite prohibitive financially.

Most of the firms struggle to find justification in paying large salaries to in-house assistants when they merely have a few tasks to complete. With virtual assistants, you have the advantage of outsourcing only those tasks that are specific to the needs of your law business.

In this way, you do not have to pay the assistants exorbitant fees but only for the hours they complete. Furthermore, they have all the software programs available to help them complete the tasks you assign. The hourly wages you pay for selective tasks are much more reasonable in comparison to paying full-time.

Here are some of the specific tasks lawyers in particular can outsource to virtual assistants:

  • Legal research
  • Social media management
  • Website maintenance and setup
  • Accounting or bookkeeping
  • Email management
  • Managing your schedule
  • Transcription
  • Scheduling and sending reminders of appointments
  • Answering phones

The best part of hiring virtual assistants for your law practice is customization, affordability and time saving. For law startups, these benefits are moreover essential because they allow the kind of financial and time flexibility that struggling lawyers need to thrive.

Therefore, while your virtual assistant transcribes your meeting notes, answers phones and other tasks for your office, you can devote time to your cases and your clients.

Points of Consideration

Before you hire a virtual assistant for services, you must consider a few factors. These could alternately cause potential issues if you ignore them before hiring:

  • Recent times have caused a surge for virtual assistant companies so there are a lot of options in the market out there. It can therefore, be tricky to determine which service will prove the most beneficial, cost-efficient and competitive for your needs.
  • Virtual assistants are all about tech practices so you need to verify if they align with your law business practices. If you have not previously established your practices round computer programs, software and apps, it will take a lot of readjustment on your part when you hire a virtual assistant.

Final Thoughts

Virtual assistants are the new solution for the mounting office tasks that every business has to tackle. With the progress of technology, thankfully most of your burdens regarding bookkeeping, office management etc. can be a delight for competitive virtual assistants to handle.