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Ideas on How to Upsell Effectively

If you're an e-commerce seller, it's likely that your primary objectives are to expand your customer base and to generate more sales. For this, you have to advertise, promote, and design unique offers, including upsells.


Have you also thought of upselling as a worthwhile business growth option? You see, upselling is the art of adding to the AOV (average order value) by suggesting upgrades to your customer's purchase. Since your customer is already interested in your product and has decided on a purchase, showing relevant upgrades would be a win-win. It would not only strengthen your customer relationships but also drive up sales and revenue.

In this article, we have some innovative ideas to help you upsell more effectively:

  1. It isn't enough to show fabulous new products to your customers on the site. It would help if you encouraged them to buy the products after they have already bought something. We suggest designing an upsell offer, which works as an incentive for the buyers to add to their purchases before checking out.

For example, you could offer an extra 10% saving for every customer who upgrades from a $50 cart value to a larger product.

  1. You could offer discount coupons for your customers to redeem on their next purchase. Then you can showcase certain items for them to select.
  2. Try offering product comparisons, which can be an early upsell opportunity in your customer journey. You can compare a range of similar products but with different features to help the customer find just what they want. By basing comparisons on features, prices, services, benefits, etc., the customers will not look for comparisons in other e-stores but quickly decide to buy from your store.
  3. Complementary products are, by far, the most popular method of successful upselling. In this, you only have to recommend products that complement your customers' ones that have already been added to their cart. When customers see the relevance, they are more tempted and convinced to add those and make a double purchase instead of the single one.
  4. Product suggestions work as well as suggesting complementary products. In product suggestions, your site shows visitors the most popular range of products customers searched for previously. This entices customers to spend a little more when they figure the masses are using "a specific item" in large numbers.
  5. You can add an inventory status under popular items. If they see something is selling hot and fast and may run out of stock soon, they'd be more eager to get their hands on the enticing product.
  6. Free shipping never fails to attract any buyer. There is just some attraction that automatically attracts buyers to purchase on e-stores where "Free Shipping" is highlighted and bold. As a smaller seller, you may not offer free shipping entirely, but meeting your customers halfway is necessary. So fix a minimum amount upon which a customer can avail of free shipping, and voila!

Final Thoughts

Upsell opportunities must cater to your objectives of driving sales up and strengthening customer relationships. When you design your upsell strategies, make sure you hit the customers' sensitive spots. At the same time, be careful not to annoy them by popping up random products to consider.