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Quick Guide to Naming Your Online Store

A powerful brand name is an immediate eye-catcher. Coming up with an ingenious name is the first step to launching your business towards success. Your brand name could be your biggest asset and your winning card if you choose it rightly, for it could win you speedy acceptance and driving differentiation.


The wrong brand name, on the contrary, the poor choice, can cost you in millions in terms of lost income and workaround over your brand’s lifetime.

So if you’re aiming for a killer name for your brand, here are a few pointers that will help you out.

1. Short and simple

Snappy, short names work the best because people can remember and pronounce them easily. Besides, short names also make a perfect fit in the header of your online business’ website. You will undoubtedly find it challenging to find a smart name because the vast number of online businesses means thousands of others look at prospective brand names.

You may choose something that someone has already chosen. However, here’s what you can do:

  • Try combining two short and alliterative or rhyming words, such as snack attack or snack shack etc.
  • You can create your own words or tweak one. Look at Skype, eBay and Google. These are not real words, but genius is evident in them.
  • Form a word representing a personal meaning. Perhaps your pet’s names, your significant others’ or even your name. This way, visitors and customers will even identify your online business on a personal level.


2. Be unique

Before you come up with a name, do some research and look at the names your competitors have taken. Then choose a name that is completely different from theirs.

A name representing your niche and your product offering while concealing your business from the competitors is the perfect one for your online business.

3. Online presence

With a list of names in hand, you need to see if your domain choice is available for registration. We consider it mission-critical to have a custom domain name. It’s going to be the name that will truly represent your brand, after all.

4. Creative and inspiring

If you reach a dead-end for a .com domain, don’t lose heart; you can still choose a different TLD. Masses consider .com as the gold standard is that everyone recognizes it. However, we cannot rule out TLDs anymore because these, too, are becoming commonplace quite rapidly in the online world now.

If nothing sparks a genius idea in your mind for a brand name, you can seek inspiration from other languages and themes, perhaps. A nostalgic business name or something that speaks of a trend could work well.

One thing you must remember is that inspiration can strike out of odd resources, situations and timings. Pay close attention to conversations, peoples, places and trends when you’re in the process of thinking up names. Who knows, something just might reveal the treasure you are looking for.

5. Originality

The most important rule is to never settle for a name that’s not unique and original. If you are a store owner in the U.S, you must check the United States Patent and Trademark Office to verify your name.

The process of searching the free database is painstaking but worth the effort in the end. However, you must still consult a lawyer despite your research for the final validation of your name. Once you do this, Bing or Google your prospective name to see what comes up.

Final thoughts

Your brand’s name is the ultimate identity of your business. It is what ensures how soon people accept, remember and talk about your brand with others. With so much at stake, you have to ensure you choose something for your online store that will make it stand out in the crowd.