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Top 7 Tips to Boost Ecommerce Customer Experience

Happy customers are the biggest assets of a business. They’re the ones who spend the most, recommend your business generously to friends, and leave fantastic reviews. So what do you do to win more happy customers for the business?


Here is what you should do:

1. Develop a User Friendly and Fast Site

A website is every ecommerce business’ flagship, its face. The business makes its sales there and builds its clientele on the site. Having a slow, cumbersome and complicated to use site is never a success story for an ecommerce store.

You must not allow your site to squeeze in too many things and try to do too much. If the site loads slow or customers cannot figure out how to navigate, they will waste no time exiting. Refrain from uploading excessive resolution images, using picture formats misaligned with the web optimization and etc.

Simultaneously, your site also needs to effectively communicate your proposition to the customers in one look. No one will appreciate a site that slacks, is confusing and doesn’t offer something concrete.

2. Top Class Product Page

Your product page needs to be powerful enough to convince your visitors that the products are purchase worthy. For this, your product page must include:

  • Descriptive product information
  • Product details
  • Powerful pictures showing product use in different contexts
  • Pricing


3. Easy Checkout

Checkout optimization is ecommerce’s specialization. Regardless of what you sell, your ecommerce store needs to constantly work on checkout optimization. Strive to:

  • Simplify and make “add to cart” clear
  • Have your “Pay Now” button glare at the visitors in the face
  • Make the carts display contents clearly
  • Feature guest checkouts
  • Offer free shipping


4. Employ Content Strategy

Ecommerce stores must not only focus on their products but also their blogs. Take your content as an opportunity to celebrate your customers, talk about how your products will help them fulfil something and clarify their desires through your content.

5. Build an Organic Social Media Community

Studies prove that nearly 90% of the customers praise a brand when they have personally interacted with them on social media. You can create Facebook groups for your brands, offer customers chances to share Instagram photos on your product pages and earn social currency from your happy customers.

This way others get to see how your products look on real people for reassurance.

6. Interact Even Post Purchase

The best ecommerce businesses are those that do not allow their relationship with the customers to end even when they have received the cash and handed over the product. If you convert the happy customers into valuable and loyal customers, they’d be your most powerful word-of-mouth.

How do you make this happen? One of the best practices is to follow up with the customer’s right after purchase and collect feedback regarding their experience.

7. Stellar Support

It is more important for ecommerce businesses to lend support to those customers who received damaged or broken goods than the happy ones. Handling them tactfully will prevent them from posting terrible reviews about your business.

In fact, they’d be impressed with your concern and top-notch customer services. You need to know your product and audience well, set up the right customer services system and hire the right people.

Final Thoughts

A great customer support is the key for your business to enjoy long lasting increased profits. Sadly, businesses think they can smartly cut costs here without realizing just how damaging it can be to the company. With the right practices and right representatives, you customer support could win you large numbers of loyal customers for life.