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Top Productivity Tips For The Workplace to Adopt in 2022

During these last two years, staying focused and remaining productive has been challenging for employees.

Businesses are now running from several residencies worldwide as social distancing policies are still enforced. Working from home has been the rule since the pandemic started, and while some employees have returned to the office, others have not.

As the future of a full-time return to the office is still unclear for many sectors, we have tested our resilience to cope with changes in the workplace.

With 2022 approaching, we have explored the top areas to boost your productivity for the new year, and we are ready to unveil some of the secrets for a successful start of the year.

1. Be wise with your time, and rethink how you approach your daily activities.

While meetings, calls, and emails used to be complimentary activities for the day, they have become the primary source to communicate and manage urgent matters.

Chatting and messaging occupy a significant amount of time, yet, you do not want to miss any piece of communication.

Take advantage of the benefits of working in a digital space and automatize your messages to send instant replies, and allow yourself some time to respond. Use as many features as possible to keep your network engaged and interested while selecting what goes first on your plan.

Also, if there is something you do not have to do yourself, then do not.

Mostly, if you are an entrepreneur and venture solo, your time is sacred. It would be best if you had a second hand to verify every piece of information you get.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you filter incoming emails and calls and handle secondary tasks. Uassist.ME offers a comprehensive package with proactive assistants to help you in every aspect of your company.

2. Set healthy boundaries between household activities and your work time.

Boundaries between work time and time at home are often missed, and the goal for next year is to keep control of your time.

The truth is while working from home might seem more efficient to tackle both the workday and housework, it disorganizes the way we approach the day’s activities.

While working from home, keep in mind that household duties are meant to be done outside of your working hours.

Prioritize the daily tasks and track the time you spend on each so that you can optimize your time by identifying what to delegate and what to do yourself.

3. Adopt winning habits to increase the effectiveness of your workday.

Remember, good habits never get missed. Even the most old-fashioned habit of writing down your tasks in your planner is a practice you should always keep in mind. Planning, scheduling, and organizing your responsibilities will help you accomplish your responsibilities without losing your head. It is essential to plan your day ahead of time.

Schedule the activities that make you feel good and make yourself a winning routine for the day, including what makes you happy and helps you perform better. Activities like getting up early, attending the gym, making time to enjoy a yoga session, and preparing a healthy breakfast in the morning, will help you feel better and enjoy your day. Set a routine, and stick to your plan as much as possible.

4. Make small changes in your environment to increase productivity at home.

Reorganizing our habits to perform a physical and digital “Feng Shui” is essential to enhance our daily productivity and is crucial to finding balance while working from home.

Plenty of hacks can help you feel at ease while focusing on your work. Finding a well-illuminated and ventilated area makes a significant impact. Painting your room, adding a plant, and placing an aromatic candle in your workspace can help you improve your energy.

5. Do not forget to clean up and improve your digital spaces as well.

With most work happening through the computer, organizing your files is the key to an efficient work day.

As Uassist.ME’s motto stands, “work smarter, not harder.” The same applies when using your computer for work. Here are a few tech-tips we want to share with you:

Clean your desktop regularly and remove the files you do not use. It is easy to forget and fill your desktop with documents, pictures, and shortcuts of programs you no longer use.

Set up the computer programs you use frequently, use apps to manage your passwords, and track your time spent on each task to analyze the data later to improve your efficiency.

You can also try out tech shortcuts to enhance your time accessing different screens, create templates for recurrent documents, and update your software regularly to avoid unexpected failure.

Final Thoughts

Our virtual assistants can help you move on with confidence in your daily activities. We are experts in taking over non-core tasks and offer support for every need in your company. Stay focused and shift tasks from your desk to ours.

During the last track of 2021, reflecting on how the year went is crucial to move forward with confidence and start the next year energized and focused. Uassist.ME wishes you an excellent start to the year.