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Top Tools to Use with Your Virtual Assistant

Collaborating with your virtual assistant as you both settle into the work-from-home model is challenging. Timely interaction in person minimizes miscommunication, delay in responses, and so many other trivial details.


Thankfully, a wide array of software tools make interaction with your virtual assistant effective, instant, and error-free as can be. Let's take a look at the top tools below:

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a good online tool for project management. Not only can your team of VAs communicate in one place but also prepare to-do lists, deadlines, and tasks for all to see. All information, task instructions, files, and updates are in one place so each team member can access them conveniently.

Basecamp's best feature is that it helps you store all the history of communications, files, document sharing, and actions about your projects. So if you are striving to bring your virtual assistants up to speed, Basecamp is super helpful.

You may even make use of whiteboards that are editable and collaborative documents to help with specifications. Additionally, Basecamp also gives you the option of storing all visuals, files, wireframes, etc., of projects in one safe place.

  1. Trello

With this incredibly handy, cloud-based tool, you can track each project's progress and see who has completed how much in a day. It will also show the specific tasks your team members are performing individually. You can create and customize boards, drag the completed projects/task under the "done" column, and so on. All your updates on this tool will be visible to all team members instantly.

  1. Asana

If yours is a small business or merely a startup, Asana would be a convenient tool for you. You can create tasks and include due dates in this tool so that everyone knows when and what they have to complete. You can even set tasks priority-wise in this tool and use it for free till you remain under a team of fifteen members.

  1. SKYPE

This is one of the best tools for communication with your virtual team. You can conduct video calls, live chats, group calling, screen sharing, document sharing, etc. Skype is a great tool for project collaboration, as every member can keep track of the progress.

  1. Producteev

You may also consider Producteev for your project management. It is an uncomplicated collaboration platform where you can create to-do lists, send tasks, and collect updates. You need to have mobile pairing apps for this tool to work.

You can conduct meetings with your VA and then update tasks after each discussion.

  1. Jing

This tool enables you to create tutorial videos and take screenshots to guide your team. With Jing, you can show the ropes to your virtual assistants on how to tackle the problem if they have difficulty maneuvering a website.

With this tool, you can create a tutorial that would help a new virtual assistant learn how to use a specific app or tool for their tasks.

  1. Google Apps

Google apps bring you Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar for your project management. This is one of the most helpful tools for organizing and managing projects online between a team.

With the Goggle Calendar, you can notify your virtual team of meetings, deadlines, tasks, etc. You can supply resources for task completion to your team with Google drive. Google Sheets and Google Docs help with real-time editing for a super-fast and effective collaboration between your virtual team members working collectively on a project.

Final Thoughts

Productivity is optimal when there are proper and smooth coordination and harmony between you and your virtual assistant. With an entirely online world now, professionals must strive for regulated coordination to avoid misinterpretations and mismanagements of projects and tasks.

If you slack in your communication online, your projects will undoubtedly suffer, and business will be in hot waters soon. Thankfully, technology has made all the resources available to ensure your online business soars to the height of success. Our recommended top tools will guarantee smooth operations and eliminate miscommunication in your business.