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Types of E-Commerce Solutions for Business Owners

Gone are the days when business owners needed brick and mortar stores, the backside of a truck, and roadside stands to sell their products and services. The digital era has not only removed the need for a physical location. In fact, it has simplified the buying and selling goods process to a few swipes on the screens.


In short, we are living through the peak of eCommerce. With all this evolution, business owners are constantly searching for eCommerce solutions that will aid their businesses. Here are some possible eCommerce solutions:

Building an E-Commerce Store from Scratch

For business owners who know what they want to sell, have a product ready, and want to build their e-commerce store with Uassist.ME from scratch, here is what we offer:


  • We can design and develop e-commerce websites from scratch and provide regular maintenance and optimization.
  • We can help business owners set up their online stores from scratch, on a platform of their choice. From Amazon, eBay to others, we cover a wide online market and ensure our clients have access to the best platform for their business needs.
  • We ensure quality website speed, mobile responsiveness, basic SEO and an e-commerce website equipped with the most common tools and widgets in the market.

E-commerce Store Owners Looking for Admin & Customer Support

For business owners running an eCommerce store, virtual assistants are the most effective and inexpensive way of improving customer service, site usability, and customer experience.

The backbone for a successful eCommerce store is the quality of support one renders to customers when browsing and purchasing products in the online store.

Any slackness or less than the best performance in your online services will drive precious customers away. This is why it is imperative for business owners to derive maximum advantage of the skills and expertise a team of virtual assistants can provide in providing quality customer services, managing an active live chat, handling returns promptly—removing/adding products, keeping track of your inventory, etc.

For customers who visit your online store, virtual assistants provide easy and quick access to the information they are seeking. This translates into increased visits by customers to your online store and an increase in purchases, which drives your profits.


  • We handle the return process
  • Case handling in the platforms used by the client
  • Feedback management in the sales platforms used by the client
  • We add/remove products in the different sales platforms used (Amazon, eBay, etc)
  • We take care of communication with customers or providers.

Ecommerce is a highly profitable venture and can fetch great profits in the long run.

The ideal option in today’s era is to have your own eCommerce website. Initially, it may seem daunting, but in actuality, it is more beneficial in terms of a shopping and selling experience.

You can set up your eCommerce store in just a few weeks with very low start-up and operational costs. You can then customize offers and deals as per the interests of the clients.

Ideally you can work towards automating the marketing, sales, payments, and processing cycles in the future when your business stabilizes. With an online store of your own, you can run your business from anywhere and enjoy endless advantages.

Final Thoughts

Online stores offer unique advantages that help business owners stay at the top of the industry. The best eCommerce solutions ensure that you can offer products to customers spread across the globe, suffer no hassles that come as a package with a physical store, and still enjoy huge profits successfully.