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7 Ways of Repurposing Marketing Content

If you fear coming across organic but stagnant traffic in your metrics, then perhaps it is time to repurpose your marketing content. Suppose you wish to avoid traffic instability resulting from the relevancy of your older content, the digesting capacity of your audience, and the quality of your new content. In that case, we recommend some repurposing and refreshing.


Here are 7 ways to do it:

  1. Podcasts are the best way to offer more accessibility to users. Take a blog post that has expandable content and make it a podcast episode. You could take the ultimate guide you once wrote with several portions and turn each portion into a resulting attack. Your listeners will love your information while they’re on the go.
  2. We are all part of that majority that loves video content. Videos are much more exciting, and you can capitalize on this fact by producing short and informative videos of your blog posts. Use impressive graphics to attract more viewers.
  3. If you’re in the habit of collecting SEO data, gathering social media metrics, and analyzing your traffic performance, then you can build a case study. The data you collected previously could be your basis for drawing inferences and learning more. Your readership will get to see how well you interpret data this way.
  4. If you wish to offer more content for your business, then you could consider an ebook. They are the best means of enhancing your business credibility and can cover a range of topics for you. For example, your business could offer free ebooks on marketing psychology, channel growth, expert advice, customer support, analysis processes, and lots more.
  5. You know, a social media strategy must keep evolving. It must draw more attraction towards your product page and show customers how you are continually growing. Stunning testimonials are an ideal way for this. You can add the excellent testimonials your products receive on the product page. Customers will see how the masses already trust and use your brand.
  6. Have you considered LinkedIn? It helps you repurpose a data report using the information in it. So, with this feature, you get to upload sharable, and public slide decks of data report information. Now you find that the data you wish to share is expansive. For this, you could transform the same data into multiple slide decks, each as a series on a particular section or topic. The skimmers will love this, too, because they will be able to jump to their choice of deck and land directly on the information they are seeking.
  7. If you have a content strategy, we’re sure that blog posts must be a part of it. What you can then do is pick up old posts that still have valuable and even relevant information. Then tweak it up a bit so that the useful information does not stay holed up in the past. This is also a tremendous time-saver because the old posts will mostly be ready for publishing. You will only have to add some current information, and it’s ready to go. As for the title, perhaps you could blend the old one with the current updated information. This way, readers looking for brand new information and those who benefitted from it previously will all come to enjoy the refresher.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing or repurposing content helps you reach newer and broader audiences. The performance, too, gets a chance to improve if it was mediocre the last time. With more innovations and current information becoming a part of your original content, the traction gains momentum, and audiences see valuable segments they had sought before. With this, your viewership and, ultimately, your business expand well.