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Top Habits You Can Develop to Increase Productivity at Work

Procrastination is rooted in human nature. Most times, we’re just powerless against the lethargy that makes us waste precious hours. If only we could dredge up enough energy, perhaps we’d manage to complete our tasks sooner.


But who are those robotic machine-like proactive people sitting beside us? How do they manage to complete their work at inhuman paces while we feel like a descendent from the tortoise family? The thing is, it is not an inhuman pace that is the secret to those efficient and productive people we envy at work and in our homes.

It’s just that some people have the best habits that help them maximize their productivity and use every moment wisely. You’ll be amazed at how simple and achievable those habits are. Let’s take a look at them below:

  1. Multitasking is no longer attractive. If you try to juggle five tasks simultaneously, you’ll like to lose forty percent of your productive time switching from one task to another. It is best to give 100% attention to one job, complete it quicker, and then move on to the next. Just remember, when you add more to your plate at a time, you will feel overwhelmed and muddle through.
  2. First, start your day by organizing your to-do list. Prepare a night before you sleep. List down the tasks in order of priority and set a time limit for each. So if you need to prepare a report to submit, get on to it the first thing in the morning. Strike off tasks you complete as the day proceeds, all the while keeping your eye on the time. Take short breaks in between to recharge and then resume.
  3. Never abandon exercise in your day. It is necessary to charge your brain and the body to give you the energy you need to work well and fast. Fitness and health are important for your cognitive abilities, quick and smart thinking, and active memory.
  4. If you have particularly difficult tasks to perform in the day, schedule them when you are the most active. These tasks could include brainstorming, complex thinking and decision making, and even physical activities. Best to them when you’re at your best in the day.
  5. Distractions are like worms; they can crawl and slither into the narrowest of openings. Take social media, unwanted thoughts, etc., for example. Even when you’re in the middle of crucial tasks, a need to check your Instagram, pay a bill, or order your favorite brownie do pop up. Just keep a list handy where you list any distraction when it occurs to you, only to do it when you have completed “your important task” and not before.
  6. Similarly, notifications from text messages, Facebook chats, social media, etc., can swiftly break your focus. Once your momentum breaks, it takes a long to get back into active mode and thereby wasted minutes. It is best to mute notifications before you indulge in important tasks.
  7. Green space is the best for every aspect of life. So a green office might be just a way to boost your productivity and focus. You see, plants are therapeutic, calming yet energizing. Even studies prove that greenery in your office boosts productivity, and you might like to try it. Imagine fresh air!
  8. Make it a point to take a good night’s sleep. You can never expect to be 100% active and productive if you sleep for very few hours. Studies suggest a night’s sleep of eight hours, and we wholly advocate this. A well-rested person is always active, both physically and mentally.

Final Thoughts

Productivity is the by-product of healthy habits. Living a healthy and well-organized life helps you achieve success in your career and helps you lead a qualitative life. With our recommended habits, you will soon be an active, productive, and healthy professional.