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How to know how much you’re saving with a VA

One of the main concerns business owners have when iStock_000041432816XLarge.jpgconsidering hiring a virtual assistant is show much it will cost. While this is indeed a valid concern, perhaps basing your decision on cost alone might not be the best choice: this way, you only see how much you’re paying, but not how much you’re saving when hiring a VA. While weighting your options, there are two ways you could go about figuring out the real cost of your hire:

Focus on How Much You’re Saving

When compared with an in-house full time employee, hiring a VA can save you anywhere from 75% up to 80%! How’s that? While their hourly rate might be quite similar, a full-time employee will require a largest investment per year: not only will you be paying a salary, but also insurance and benefits, vacation, and several administration costs. You will not be covering these expenses when hiring a VA.

For example, hiring a full-time employee at a $20 per hour rate will end up costing $76,960 per year when you include administrative costs, insurance and benefits. A VA hired at $35 per hour will cost only $16,800 per year (source): hiring a VA will be 78% less expensive than having a full-time employee!

Uassist.ME offers plans as low as $9.37 per hour (https://uassistme.co/get-started/), making your savings that much bigger!

See How Much You Could Make

While saving money is good, making money is better! When considering hiring a VA, you might also take a look at how much money you could make with their help. How? Pay attention at the time you spend doing administrative tasks a VA could do for you. Calculate the hourly rate of the work you make. Then see how many hours you spend doing things that could be done by your VA and how much extra money you could make if you spend all these hours on your core business.

If your hourly rate is, say, $200, and you spend 2 hours a day taking care of non-essential tasks you could delegate to your VA, you’ll be saving 10 hours per week, 40 per month, at a $8000 value. If you spend $1500 a month on a VA, you’ll still be earning an additional $6500 per month.


Whichever way you look at it, hiring a VA can be a great choice. If you’re interested, give us a call!


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