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7 Skills you Should Look Upon Hiring a Social Media Manager

Finding a social media manager for your startup is no easy mission today.

Social media marketing is complex and we already know how important a killer content strategy is to reach the business goals that you want.

A competent digital marketing professional of this kind needs to be in tune both with their analytical skills and their creative spark. 

And mostly, with the clock.

But you can totally pull it off. 

And you should, for the sake of your business growth.

No matter if we're talking about a personal brand or a company brand ,you just need compelling information so you can put that social media strategy in the right hands. 

Today, we're here to help you exactly with that.austin-distel-tLZhFRLj6nY-unsplash

Social media efforts can't be made in vain. They need a serious strategic approach and proper step by step execution.

They need marketing professionals and not amateurs who can waste your time and money. 

So you may be wondering now, what makes a social media manager qualified for such a demanding marketing adventure?

Even though the ability to devise engaging content is really important for social media management, it's just not enough these days. 

The same with knowledge about audience research and analytics -especially for the content marketing environment. 

So, here go the seven features you have to look for in order to find your perfect social media manager, enjoy the marketing ride, and see results. 

1. Creativity

A highly skilled social media manager needs to be super creative. No doubt about it.  

That doesn't mean that just to be able to think about cool and original ideas to post on social platforms will do the trick. It implies connecting the dots in ways others never could and doing it super fast.

It means being smart and quick-witted enough to solve constant communication problems in a simple way. It means putting together elements that may seem disconnected for others.

That's the beginning of true creativity, a super complex topic.

Solving problems all the time is creativity. And having fun in the meantime.

Your ideal social media manager adores games, loves to solve problems, is toying with ideas all the time and tolerates frustration like a pro.

This person has solid writing experience and has worked as a community manager in different media platforms.

But, of course, got bored of one, the other or both and looked for a more challenging role in the marketing jungle. 

Like the part of a stellar social media manager.

Learn more: 

If you're interested in this kind of topics, you should totally watch "The Creative Brain" by David Eagleman. eaters-collective-i_xVfNtQjwI-unsplash

2. Deep analytical spirit

There's no effective social media marketing strategy out there without solid knowledge about social media analytics.

But it doesn't end up there.

The ability to act according to what the numbers have to say is as important as analysis itself because, when creativity ends, logic begins.

So, creativity can start all over again. But with more purpose and direction this time.  

A talented social media manager has to deeply understand, for example, the behavior of an exact target audience in order to create impactful content strategies that resonate with that audience.

(Apart from taking in all the information that analytics are showing.)

This is the side of social media marketing that looks like math and some people dodge because they fall short.

Luckily, this is not the case with a great social media manager ready to ride the marketing wave.

This person loves analyzing stats and readjusting strategies according to media marketing reports to increase engagement or sentiment, among other marketing goals. 

And, most importantly, this person is not afraid of the numbers that social media has to offer because this person understands and craves for the numbers all the time.

3. Attention to detailwilliam-iven-SpVHcbuKi6E-unsplash-1

There's no way your brand can have a strong social media presence with a social media manager who is not attentive to detail.

This person should have a super sharp mind — and digital eye too. And this person loves social listening as they enjoy thinking about upcoming marketing campaigns.

However, managing several social media accounts for a company (or for many) requires a great amount of focus and organization, so, make sure your SMM is taking care of theirs.

Avoid someone who seems lost in the social media playground and is live-streaming their whole life 24/7 — instead of fulfilling their job duties and focusing on what matters. 

Avoid someone who seems to have more clients than they can really handle. 

If you look for a freelance social media manager on your own, this is a possibility that you will face.

4. Speed

Social channels go at light speed today. And that's an increasing tendency with new updates and sophisticated algorithms all the time. 

So, you better find a social media manager who is diligent and knows how to fly the online community of your brand to a safe destination in all of the platforms. 

Their media strategy should include campaigns with clear goals and the ability to quickly change approaches when necessary. 

Speed has the utmost importance when there are negative comments about a brand that the community manager has to moderate. Because the worst thing that a brand can do is to hide when there are negative comments online.  

The best approach is to have a strategy in order to deal with negative impact as quickly as possible and minimize the consequences of negative publicity for the brand. 

5. Flexibility and mental strength (and toughness)

This is probably one of the most useful skills throughout the whole digital paradigm. 

The online realm moves really fast, and that requires mental adaptability more than ever. 

Even though it entails the capacity to act quickly according to rapidly changing scenarios, it also implies being self-confident enough when it comes to make decisions on the fly,  alone, but thinking before doing.

Social media campaigns are really difficult to create and to measure. Things sometimes won't go as planned and you can't work with someone who is going to paralyze or leave when things go wrong on social media channels or in any sphere.

Even though it may sound strange, mental flexibility implies sometimes avoiding saying yes to everything. And avoiding saying no to everything too. 

Just like with the role of a social media manager (that needs to strike a balance between creativity and strategy) a mentally tough person needs to be flexible, not rigid.

But at the same time, your social media manager can't be extremely flexible.

This is difficult to find since some people are still too rigid or too flexible. And none will work in media marketing.

6. Stellar communicatorjosh-rose-qWBoBpeOxjo-unsplash

You want to sell your product/service. We all agree. We want that for your brand too.

However, there are tough questions sometimes that need to be answered in an honest fashion before managing your social networks, or before hiring a social media manager to do so. 

  • Are you delivering the right message through your content?
  • Do you look/read desperate to sell online?
  • Are you showing your customers that you really care about solving their problems?
  • Do you know who your ideal client is?

These are just some of the pillars you need to transmit through your content. 

That means, your social media manager needs to excel at public relations so you can fix the type of brand mistakes mentioned above through the right messages and the suitable social media platforms.

7. Innate strategist

Media management and chess have a lot in common. 

Thus, successful business results and a social media strategist go hand in hand if what you want is to thrive. 

It's mandatory that an effective social media manager can handle strategies like a rockstar.

So, impulsive profiles won't simply do the trick, no matter how creative they can seem. 

If they can't manage a clock, deadlines, respect a plan, and sit down to create one in the first place, they're not cut out for the role of social media manager. 

This is a really delicate balance to find because very few people excel at strategy and creativity at the same time in the same head.

So, make sure your future social media manager is in touch with their creative competencies and loves to think about their next move at the same time because, at the end of the day, marketing through social media channels is nothing more than anticipating to the future and training creativity and strategy towards the same goals. 

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