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8 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is getting super challenging these days.

So, it's common currency to feel a little bit overwhelmed when implementing social media efforts to your small business.

Because social networks are fiercer than ever, you know that you have to be informed about media platforms hottest trends.

To prevent this marketing frustration from happening, it's mandatory to think carefully and well-prepared every step of the way before you fill your social media sites with content and you share random posts with your customers.

Establishing clear marketing goals in mind (and written!) before posting on social media channels has never been so important in networking sites. You should never go random about platforms.

For instance, you have to think beforehand if you want your target audience to be aware of the mere existence of your brand (without selling anything yet) or if you are you on a more advanced stage of the marketing journey, actively looking for clients along the different networks.

No matter which stage yoúre in, social media accounts will always be a major piece of brands ́puzzle.

Imagine you own an ice cream shop. You may have noticed that popular social media accounts in the niche share helpful content with their followers. That's why social media profiles are not designed to directly sell products, but to share useful information on the brands ́sites. I ́m talking content that truly shows how much companies care about their followers.

Another important marketing factor when it comes to content is setting specific goals for the different social platforms. That means, knowing what you ́re going to post, where, and what for. Marketers, for example, invest a raft of hours thinking about how social media users will react to what a business is showing on platforms. For example, they use Twitter for customer service, and not Instagram.

Or, maybe what you need is to trigger that little push through social channels so people can finally make up their minds about you, and purchase your services with confidence.

So probably, you started running some social media marketing engines on your own—just for fun. Because everybody seems to be using social media tools these days.

But do you know exactly what you are doing with your social interactions?

Unfortunately, you neither planned nor scheduled any content ahead because you lack proper digital marketing expertise. And you regret this. Because now, you understand that it is vital. You heard the concept of user-generated content and you ́re a bit confused. But, don't let it take a toll on your mental health.

However, you realized the huge importance of knowing the specifications of your followers that are connecting with you in order to level up your social media platforms game. But there is no time to do everything you want to accomplish (at least on your own) in the marketing realm. You have clients to talk to, meetings to attend, and a family to take care of...

Luckily and for your benefit, social media presence increasingly focuses on optimizing your company's visibility with their sharp tools. You only need to pay particular attention to some specific clear-cut strategies that will help you engage your target audience.

This interesting side of your business that relates to networking must have these 8 hacks in your social media marketing arsenal. Ready to fire?

1. Crowdbooster:alphabets-buttons-data-247780 (1)

Croowdbooster is one of the best social media marketing tools. It's designed to manage your activity on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to save a lot of time, this platform has several features to help you with your timing and streamline activities.

For example, it can help you auto-post on both Facebook pages and Twitter, track your new fans and followers and give you the full stats on how many times a piece of content of yours has been shared, liked or retweeted. It features tools for traditional social media networks. So, sadly, it doesn't include snapchat users yet.

But, a major asset of Crowbooster is that you can export analytic reports in CSV format—comma separated values. Why is it useful? It is an ideal format to manage high volumes of data for later edition, for example in Excel or Google Sheets.

2. WordPress:

When we talk about small businesses this is by far, a first-class resource. WordPress for small business helps you to build very powerful dynamic websites that can form the hub of all other media accounts.

WordPress-based blogs are easy to update and change, and they can directly incorporate other social media platforms. With WordPress, you can take full advantage of the benefits of blogging for business purposes.

You still haven't started your own blog? You still haven't tried influencer marketing? With WordPress, you can easily mingle those two.

Both will be strong resources in 2019 because they will help you to drive traffic to your website and also, show authority in your field through your content and a niche guru.

3. Google Alerts:ads-beverage-black-coffee-33972

If you want to have one of the easiest tools for small businesses to monitor the online reputation of your sites is the great Google Alerts.

Each time Google finds a mention of your business, this smart service will send you an email to notify the mention, daily or weekly. It functions as a kind of content supervisor. Marketers love this tool.

Google Alerts is definitely the ultimate free tool to manage this kind of task. It can also help you find both plagiarism and industry trends. Two things that are crucial in these search engine times.

4. Feedly:

If you want your company to be effective with social media marketing, you need to have relevant content to share frequently. So, this is a must-have tool in an era when high-frequency of posting can help you win the online race to the very top. of the search engine.

Feedly is an original, fast and reliable platform created to quickly have access to the latest updates of websites and blogs without having to enter them individually. Something that would take forever.

This site works by reading RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which is used to distribute information to people who have been previously subscribed to a website or blog.

5. HootSuite Publisher:

Almost every savvy social media manager uses HootSuite for some aspects of their social posting activities. This is the best social media marketing tool if you want to manage multiple business and personal profiles. For example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

HootSuite can also manage business pages and groups, apart from your media platforms. It has an attractive dashboard where it is easy to find what you need since a lot of important data is displayed at the same time.

With Hootsuite, you can also add your employees to the dashboard when many people are in charge of the same social networking account.

Bonus feature: If you have to create reports to bring to your people on a regular basis, HootSuite makes it really easy with download links for all of the tracking sections: Summary Stats, Clicks by Region, Top Referrers and Most Popular Links. Or you can just organize a custom report that is sent to you each week.

6. Nuzzel:

Given the fact that we are increasingly using our smart mobile devices to stay connected and active in our social media channels, we are a big fan of mobile apps that can help make this process easier.

One such app that is available for these purposes is Nuzzel. Maybe you knew a similar platform called Zite that no longer exists. But Nuzzle works similarly.

But, what is it exactly? What does it do?

Nuzzel calls itself a site of news from friends and influencers. It is a great way to stay informed without devoting much time to it. The platform targets busy young professionals, delivering the latest news in an intelligent fashion, catering for important information of different sites.

Tip: You can connect Nuzzel to both Twitter and LinkedIn.

7. Evernote:

Evernote is the ideal option to plan blog posts quickly and effectively. If you blog often, you may find it helpful to have a well-defined and methodical approach to your writing. If you are not blogging yet, keep it in mind.

Evernote allows you to easily:

  • Create a standard blog template to use for all your future articles.
  • Create relevant components within the blog template to organize your writing.
  • Assemble various components of your blog into a logical sequence. (Essential).

A lot of successful writers and bloggers use Evernote as their daily bread.

Note: If you want all the ins and outs of quick writing methods for producing high-quality blog posts, you will adore this article.


8. Disqus:

Every blog (and blogger) should consider using the Disqus comment plugin. It is one of the best social tools available and is highly beneficial to your blog; which should be at the core of all of your marketing goals.

You can use it to give customers multiple options when signing in, and commenting with an OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Disqus account.

This tool increases the viral potential of your blog posts because comments can be shared across the different social media platforms. Moreover, using Disqus allows you to filter spam comments, which are quite common among active users.

All in All:accounting-apps-bookkeeper-273691

The best social media marketing efforts take loads of time and persistence.

And we understand that time is a scarce resource for any business owner.

So, why not delegating your social media presence to a virtual assistant today?

We know you may be wondering, but what could a virtual assistant do for my business?

They can do a lot for you, actually.

For example, our virtual assistance services can rapidly free you the everyday burden of:

  • Curating Content:

One of the best social media marketing routines. Yet challenging. It implies finding relevant content for your followers and sharing it the right way through different social media channels. For instance, your Twitter account will be showing the latest news in real estate so potential clients can see how serious you are about your field.

  • Researching Trends:

As social media marketing is a fast-paced environment, a virtual assistant can perform tasks that are part and parcel of solid content creation and curation. For example, looking for the best hashtags, peak engagement times or ephemeris and celebration days—specific for your industry, of course.

 acer-computer-device-6168 (1)

  • Translating Social Media Content:

If you need bilingual virtual assistants, we have them. Some businesses require specific knowledge of translating and localizing content to do what is called double posting. Multilanguage posting is a growing tendency among social networks.

We all agree that English is still an important and widely spoken (and written) language, but other languages like Spanish and Portuguese are gaining power over English. This is reflected in social networks all the time.

In doubt, read Neil Patel. He gives us 17 reasons to prove where social media marketing is going in 2019.

  • Scheduling Content:

Even though automation tools can help you save a raft of time, at the end of the day, you will need someone to set them up. And actually, materializing these content pieces on the web is highly time-consuming. A virtual assistant is impeccable for this role.


  • Working on Social Media Design:

It is all about visuals in social networks, blog posts, and any other marketing material. Our virtual assistants can take care of your logos and other branding assets to make your content shine from an aesthetical point of view.

It is widely important to deliver a clear, consistent and unified message. And this does not apply only to text but to visuals too.

Did you know that users are getting more and more demanding when it comes to images?


So, you need flawless social media design.

Only words won´t do the trick. Fortunately, at Uassist.ME, we are ready to tackle those problems to help your business grow while you focus on the activities you are passionate about.

But a virtual assistant is not only about the best social media marketing actions. They also answer the phone, organize your schedule, do bookkeeping tasks, as well as any other administrative activity that you may need in your day-to-day.

Request a consultation today with Uassist.ME. We have crafted plans for different business types, sizes, and budgets. You can see all our prestigious awards and public recognition here.

And if you have any doubts regarding the professional profile of our virtual assistants and how we exactly work, you can read our FAQs here.

Imagine the possibilities of doubling your free time if you stop doing things you do not want to do. Embrace the power of delegating with Uassist.ME.