Why Task Delegation Will Make You More Productive (and Happier)

Improving productivity can feel like an impossible mission sometimes. Let’s be real, whether you’re an entrepreneur or busy professional, you’re running a business and that comes with a lot of work. Substantial improvements in productivity don’t just come from little hacks like organizing your desk the right way; they come from making real, impactful changes in the way you work. One of these changes is delegating key tasks to someone else qualified to handle them, like a virtual assistant. Task delegation helps spread your work evenly to improve productivity, and give you some much-needed time back (read: happiness).

How does task delegation improve productivity?

Sharing the workload

Delegating to a virtual assistant is like adding another team member, but without the associated costs of a full-time employee. You have a “mini-me” to split your workload with. Think about the tasks you could hand off to someone else if you had the opportunity: research, data entry, social media management, even larger projects like design or website management. Sharing your workload frees up your capacity to focus on projects that are core to your business and require your full attention, like long-term strategy development. At its core, task delegation means that you can stop managing the minutia of your business and focus on the high level.Improve productivity and work-life balance

Establishing scalability

Another added benefit of delegating tasks is gaining the time to get organized and build organizational processes.This work often gets pushed to the back burner while resource-strapped businesses focus on mission critical projects, siloing knowledge and making it almost inaccessible to new team members. A virtual assistant can easily step in to fill this void of project management and team communication so no key information is lost in a silo. Spending time on this type of organization creates scalability for your company long-term.

Increasing quality

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you have more time to spare on a project, the quality of that work tends to be higher. Sharing your workload allows you to focus more attention on the tasks you decide to handle, and allows your virtual assistant to focus their full attention on the tasks you delegate. With these roles firmly defined, you can focus completely on your projects with the peace of mind knowing that the time consuming admin work surrounding your project is taken care of.

How does task delegation make you happier?

Delegating tasks to your dedicated assistant frees up time for you to do what you life. Put simply, it gives you back your work-life balance. What would you do with more time back in your days? Here are a few ideas:

  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Finally start watching that Netflix series everyone was talking about 3 months ago
  • Get a full night’s sleep

Task delegation, when done effectively, can make huge impacts in improving your productivity and work-life balance. Virtual assistants can help share your workload and increase the quality of completed work. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual assistants, please request a consultation.

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